Mergers & Acquisitions

VEGA assists clients on the sale or buyout of a company or the creation of a joint venture.

Our primary objective is to maximize shareholder value with particular emphasis on the expected synergies of the deal. Since each company is unique, we offer a custom approach in order to identify its particular strengths, weaknesses and critical success factors. During implementation we leverage our strong links to our international business network.

Our M&A experts will assist you throughout the transaction lifecycle, from originating and approaching the right targets, to effective negotiations, deal structuring and due diligence.

VEGA has extensive experience in evaluating businesses and providing fairness opinions to support investment decisions. Since the valuation process is complicated, due to numerous methods and approaches, we focus on understanding the business situation, by analyzing historic performance, current trends and market conditions and the company’s real potential.

We identify and unlock “sleeping values” such as idle assets or hidden advantages and perform pre-deal valuation of synergies in order to support the deal negotiation process. Our independent valuations can also help apply the right strategy that will enhance your business value.

Meticulous due diligence to verify the information on which a deal is based on, is paramount to any successful transaction. Our attention to detail in order to minimize risk and unlock hidden value is the core driver in organizing and carrying out due diligence.

We review commercial, financial and operational issues and set negotiation parameters and deal breakers in order to assure a successful deal completion. We leverage our professionals’ expertise in order to create shareholder value.


Strategy is a formulated set of actions any company must take to continuously create value outperforming the market and its peers. It involves on-going assessment of internal and external environments, optimal allocation of available resources and sharp decision making and leadership capabilities on behalf of management teams to set measurable goals for gaining competitive advantages and creating additional value. Our team has the tools and experience to guide organizations in formulating strategies ensuring the total value of the company is always over and above the sum of its parts.

“Think big to dominate the global arena”

Creating and implementing the optimal corporate strategy is the most important factor for the success or failure of a business. Our professionals have diverse experience in effectively addressing the most adverse situations and advise boards how to point their business to the right direction. We have a long history of transforming our thorough understanding of market trends and structure as well as corporate capabilities and limitations into applicable strategies that create sustainable value.

Our accumulated experience in planning can help any business in
• expanding to new markets
• network development
• performance improvement
• downsizing
• starting up

We identify the critical areas for successful implementation of every strategy and spread the necessary cultural change throughout the corporation. Coaching company key executives is an integral part of our work.

Whether a startup or mature company you need a clear structure to make your business effective. We develop balanced structures to streamline business processes avoiding complexity and risk exposure. When designing a business model we emphasize on hierarchy and delegation of authority as well as leadership promotion based on the corporate vision and culture.

We assist clients balance the interests of the company stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, lenders, personnel and the community) by designing and establishing the appropriate corporate governance model. Complying with legislation and international best practices, we develop a Corporate Governance Code that ensures integrity, application of internal procedures and controls as well as risk management measures.

Corporate Transformation or Reengineering is the radical redesign of business processes to achieve sharp improvement in corporate performance. Since reengineering is an extremely difficult task that usually goes through the stages of shock, denial understanding and acceptance, we have significant experience and persistence to assist clients in managing the transformation of a corporation. We inspire a strategic focus and develop a detailed action plan, underlining processes and cross functional areas, interactive or contradictory interests and acceptable risk levels.

Vega has assisted several clients in completing a successful corporate transformation with significant short and long term results.

Project Management

At VEGA we undertake the overall project management only when the subject of the project can be fully covered by our expertise and experience. Such projects are business or unit restructuring, interim management services and design and development of MIS. We also assume the financial management of investments or technical projects.

We focus on timely completion, reasonable costs and resources allocation, realization of projected cash flows, strict compliance with the terms and conditions of each contract and any other factor considered crucial for the successful project implementation.

Real Estate

Whether an occupier, owner or investor, real estate sits at the core of your business. As an independent advisor we go beyond traditional approaches and ensure clients receive the dedicated hands on approach required to provide sound solutions for this resource heavy asset class.

Our team of investment professionals has distinguished experience in delivering results for the most complex transactions and is uniquely positioned to maximize the value of any real estate portfolio. We utilize our strong Pan – European network of industry experts including valuers, asset managers, architects, chartered surveyors, economists and property managers combining international knowledge with local presence to cover every real estate sector including residential, commercial, development, hospitality and REITs.

Our long standing relationships with investment funds, financial institutions, family offices, hedge funds, retailers and real estate developers ensures our access to sourcing off market opportunities and funding for our clients investment requirements.

We assist our clients in Valuations, Investment Advisory, Portfolio Asset Management, Distressed Situations, Lease Advisory, Corporate Real Estate and Market Research.