Capital Raising

If you have a great idea and you believe that you can turn it into a great business, or if you need development or pre IPO capital, you should be able to attract the interest of private capital. Venture capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) firms are evaluating every day thousands of investment proposals, but eventually only a few are turned into a deal. We support clients during the whole process from investment proposal preparation, to deal structure, due diligence and deal closure. Our services and our international network are often used by capital firms to support their investment exit.

We assist also clients during the pre IPO phase to transform their corporation into a great investment opportunity for investors. Our professionals have a wide experience in capital raising and can lead your pre-listing steps successfully.

Capital Structure Advisory

We help clients identify their funding needs and reveal hidden sources of finance, especially in their working capital. We also act on behalf of our clients to structure and negotiate loans with the traditional banking industry or alternative financing sources. We have extensive experience in arranging any type of financing including bonds or convertible loans, leasing, factoring, credit lines, overdrafts and trading financial instruments.

Alternative financing is a rapidly growing business that matches companies’ financing need with investors’ appetite, without an intermediary financial institution. Such activities are mainly provided by newly established platforms that operate with speed and effectiveness.

We design the optimum financing scheme by balancing risk and returns (keeping financial leverage reasonable) and matching the cash flows (inflows and outflows from regular business activities)

When structuring a loan we analyse thoroughly:

  • the scope of funding and short or long term needs

  • the available collaterals

  • the financing details (currency, interest rate, expenses)

  • the contractual terms