CFO Services

We provide C.F.O. services on a permanent or interim basis mainly to medium size companies. Our wide experience in combination with innovative tools can transform your business into a goal achiever. With detailed cost and financial analysis, we assist management in decision making. Our approach assures that all business units will operate in line with the strategy and goals of your corporation.

We develop tailored made budgeting systems according to the specific needs of each client. Every budgeting system we design includes the following:
• Sales forecasting and analysis per category
• Cost of sales and analysis per category
• Operating expenses
• Profit and loss accounts
• Capital expenditure
• Cash flow projection
• Working capital analysis
• Financial ratios

Reporting is the most important function for the diffusion of information across management levels.
We design insightful reporting systems to provide the necessary information, at the right time, to the right management level, in order to trigger or support decision making. We develop early warning systems to operate proactively in troubleshooting.

We have developed numerous reporting systems to cover diverse needs. Every reporting system we develop is structured so that it is a useful day to day management tool, as well as a source of information for the upper management. Our competitive advantage is that all reporting systems we develop incorporate a high degree of automation and are usually web-based.

Working capital is a measure of a company’s short term financial health and efficiency. The working capital need is based on the amount of capital linked to current assets, such as inventory and receivables, which can be converted into cash and cover the company’s current liabilities.

Working capital management is a continuous process that aims to speed up conversion of current assets to cash. Inventory management, commercial policy, short term liabilities management and credit controls is key to achieve this task. Vega assists clients in managing their working capital and therefore improving financial liquidity.

Cost analysis is a key element in many business decisions, especially in understanding the cost structure of each business operation. We perform in-depth analysis of every cost and break it down to fixed – variable, direct-indirect, relevant – irrelevant, marginal and sunk cost.

Vega has completed several engagements in developing cost systems, using Activity Based Costing for the calculation of profitability by profit center, applying Cost Benefit Analysis in the evaluation of investments or divestures and contributing in business re-engineering by defining cost drivers and relevant synergies.

“It’s too risky not to have a Risk Management System”

Risk is the deviation between the expected and the actual outcome of business or financial decisions and is related to the external environment, e.g. country, market, foreign exchange, commodities and to the internal environment such as credit, leverage, fraud.

In order to offset risk we assist clients develop effective Risk Management Systems, through the following steps:

1. Risk identification and analysis of risk factors
2. Strategy formulation to limit or manage risk
3. Hedging strategy applying natural hedge or complex products
4. Design of internal controls

Credit control systems and financial hedging sit at the core of our services.

Bank Relations is a permanent and time consuming process that affects all aspects of the business and requires strong negotiation skill and market awareness. Our established relations with the banking industry, along with the expertise of our professionals, guarantees that banks can be a valuable long term partner in financing and developing your business.

We emphasize in building trust between bank officers and your business with proactive planning and strong negotiations. We focus on presenting the business model and plans as well as regular reporting of financial performance and business prospects.

Business Audit

Weak internal controls can lead businesses to poor performance and increased risks. Companies that are regularly audited by VEGA have presented consistency in applying their internal procedures, reduced fraud risk and improved overall performance. Results are evaluated through implementation of the business plan and achievement of long term objectives.