Financial Restructuring

Most distressed companies face lack of trust by lenders due to unrealistic expectations and indecisive management attitude. We focus on developing restructuring concepts including strategic, financial and operational issues, in order to support corporate recovery. We develop innovative restructuring plans and negotiate favourable terms of agreement with creditors. Debt restructuring is an integral part of our work to ensure match of potential cash flows with repayment schemes.

Monitoring Trustee

“There are no Non Performing Loans, There are Non Performing Businesses”

Businesses that cannot meet their debt obligations need to follow a Recovery Plan which is agreed between lenders and shareholders. To ensure compliance with the Recovery Plan banks appoint a Trustee to monitor the company and support the necessary transformation.

Our long experience has distinguished us as an important partner with most Greek Banks.

VEGA assumes the role of Monitoring Trustee and acts as an intermediate between the Bank and the company, in order to ensure the realization of the restructuring plan

  • Supervises and coaches the Chief Restructuring Officer and the CFO

  • Monitors the financial management and approves payments

  • Coordinates meetings with other banks (round table co-ordination)

  • Supports the implementation of the Recovery Plan

  • Informs the bank through regular reports on the progress of business

  • Informs the bank immediately in case of significant variations or extraordinary events

Chief Restructuring Officer

When management cannot restructure a distressed company a CRO should be appointed to coordinate necessary actions, devoted on implementing the recovery plan. Our professionals with relevant expertise are ready to step in and deploy our methodology which includes:

  • Control of all cash flow parameters in order to sustain short term viability

  • Restructuring of operations to reduce operating cost, increase flexibility and improve performance

  • Focus on core competences and customer satisfaction to regain market share

  • Management of risk factors

  • Negotiations with creditors, shareholders and personnel

  • Evaluation and disposal of distressed or non performing assets or units

  • Debt restructuring

Independent Business Review

VEGA offers thorough and unbiased analysis of your business in its market context in order to identify the drivers for underperformance and determine the required actions to improve results. We provide a crystal opinion on:

  • Current financial and commercial position

  • Reasons for underperformance

  • Market prospects

  • Core competences of the company

  • Business risks

  • Funding ability

  • Skills of management team

Our reviews are especially valuable to lenders to understand the company current situation, real prospects and areas of potential improvement.